Mafalda, Quino

On this day in 1964 Mafalda was first published in Primera Plana Magazine. Mafalda is a comic strip written and drawn by Argentine cartoonist Quino. The comic strip is composed of the main character Mafalda, her parents and friends.

Mafalda is a six-year-old girl who loves asking questions and often leaves her parents speachless.



She is concerned about humanity, peace and human rights. She is politically-minded and often expresses her opposition to society in a humorous way.


Mafalda loves the Beatles and hates soup. She is wit but pessimist, passionate and rebel.



2 thoughts on “Mafalda, Quino

  1. Now I understand why I like the rest of your posts! I have all the mafalda books and my favourite quotes are:” The urgent won’t leave time for the important” and the second one, from her brother to her father:” you are jealous because I know mum since I was born while you don’t”
    Thank you !

    • Sooo glad you like Mafalda too! 🙂
      I saw you removed the comments button at your blog and I thought I didn’t had the chance to tell you how much I enjoyed your posts and your feedback. So this is the chance. I looove your photos! (and your descriptions-comments too). I’m glad you continue uploading once a day 🙂
      Thanks so much for sharing, commenting and ecouraging!

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