50 + 1 Ways to Take a Break



51: If you are interested in photography (or not) check this awesome blog vassilisgonis.wordpress.com of my friend Vassilis!

It’s Party Time!

Yesterday I had my birthday party and I had prepared a surprise for my friends. First of all I made these mini chocolates with biscuit and almonds.


Then I wrote some love quotes, wrapped the chocolates and stuck the quotes on them.



My guests picked a mini chocolate and everybody read their quote! It was fun!

“Ρητορική είναι η τέχνη του να λες όμορφα αυτό που δεν είναι οπωσδήποτε αληθινό και οι ποιητές έχουν καθήκον να επινοούν όμορφα ψέματα.”
Baudolino, Umberto Eco

1 year Miss Green Sheep 
Green Sheep became one year old! Thank you for following and encouraging! May this New Year bring you Health, Happiness and Creativity!