Souvenir of Excursion



Summer in Greece
Last weekend we visited some gorgeous places in Lakonia, (Diros CavesGytheio, Itilo) and a beautiful village in Messinia (Stoupa). I collected some pebbles and shells from a beach near Gytheio and put them in a small jar. I wrote the places we visited and the date on a pebble.

IMG519 IMG520

I put a candle on top…

IMG521and voilà!


Last summer craft


Back again after ages! So this is my new pebble craft. All I used is a canvas, paints and some pebbles. First I painted the pebbles and then the canvas. I guess I needed some more pebbles as houses… 😦 I had some little pebbles and I used them too, just to fill the canvas.


Happy new school year!